How lack of Market Research is killing B2C Fintech?

Came across a post on LinkedIn indicating that many Fintech companies aspire to be Tech Service Providers (TSPs) and are transitioning towards a B2B SaaS model. The reasons cited were:🔹 The Funding Winter🔹 Strict RBI Regulations Impacting the Fintechs🔹 Cut-throat competition impacting the volumes🔹 Lower/Irregular margins in the B2C model🔹 B2C becoming risky as bigger […]

Fintech Influencers

Influencers play a significant role in B2C fintech marketing by leveraging their authority, credibility, and reach to promote fintech products and services to consumers. Here’s how influencers can help in B2C fintech marketing: Overall, influencers can be powerful allies for fintech companies looking to reach and engage with consumers in a meaningful way. By leveraging […]

🚀 Unlocking the Future of B2B Fintech Marketing

#FintechOnDemand and #OnDemandFintech through the lenses of B2B Marketing “Fintech On Demand” refers to the growing trend of financial technology (fintech) services being readily available and accessible to consumers and businesses whenever they need them. This concept encompasses various fintech solutions and platforms that offer on-demand financial services, often leveraging digital technology and automation to provide convenience, […]

Open Banking

Open banking refers to a financial concept and practice that allows third-party financial service providers to access and use financial data from banks and other financial institutions through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This data sharing enables these third-party providers to develop new financial products and services, often tailored to meet specific consumer needs. Key aspects […]