CVV Fraud

What is CVV Fraud? Did you come across an instance where your transaction had gone through without entering the right CVV? Why the banks are not acting on the CVV fraud even after so many users had complained? Are the Credit Cards/Debit Cards are secured? What was all the noise with tokenization if they are …

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Metaverse – How ready Fintechs are for the future?

Last time I wrote about Marketing in Metaverse, now being a part of the Fintech Ecosystem, I would like to gather my thoughts on the tremendous possibilities which Fintechs need to be ready about in the Metaverse*. Wider consultations are needed from enthusiasts, Fintechs, marketers, designers, content creators and all stakeholders. This article is our thought …

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Wallet or e-Wallet or Payment Wallet or Digital Wallet can be defined as a service, device or technology by which you can carry digital cash, transact cash online and pay for products & services online or physical. Though the definition is very simple but the technology and regulations for wallets are complex. You can link …

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