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  Checking your CIBIL Score is the basic action you take while applying for a loan. Do you know that a bad CIBIL Score will affect your future Credit taking capabilities? You won’t be able to take a home loan, a personal loan, or any kind of unsecured loan, apply for a Credit Card, you won’t be eligible for most of the Buy Now Pay Later options. Through this article, we would like to focus on the facts and myths associated with CIBIL Score. We will be highlighting in detail how a good CIBIL Score can be maintained, what are the different types of Credit Score, where to check your CIBIL Score, and how to be safe while dealing with any financial institutions dealing with CIBIL Score.   

CIBIL Score – An overview of a tool used for a secured Future

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What is CIBIL?

CIBIL – Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited is one of the Credit Bureaus out of 4 Credit Bureaus present in India viz CRIF Highmark, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion CIBIL. All these Credit Bureaus offer a Credit score ranging from 300 to 900. A score of 700+ is considered ideal.

CIBIL Score help an individual/entity while taking loans, getting a Credit Limit/ Credit Card, overdraft facilities, and for buy now pay later purposes. This score is calculated using various parameters and information collected from lending institutions like Banks & NBFCs, data collection institutions, money collection agencies etc. Here, we will be taking TransUnion CIBIL as an example as it is one of the most used Credit Bureau in India.

The 1st question which come to our mind when we think of CIBIL Score or Credit Score is How to check CIBIL Score ??

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You can check your CIBIL Score online or offline depending upon your needs, checking CIBIL Score online is a simple and easy process, you can get your Credit Score by visiting the website of CIBIL and by paying the charges.

Offline checking of CIBIL Score is a bit tedious process, you would need to download a form from CIBIL website, attach the supporting documents and do a demand draft and send it to them, they will be mailing you. Also, you can reach out to your Financial Advisors or CAs or your trusted friends and families, they will be able to guide you or you can hire professional service providers to get the CIBIL Score.

The next question which comes to the mind of the users is how to check the CIBIL Score online for free ?

CIBIL does provide it for free once in a year with some limited features, but if you need your Credit Score on a regular basis or you need the detailed report and analysis, then CIBIL have various paid options which you can choose from.

Also now a days you can check the CIBIL Score using your banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI or any other banks which have these services, they will charge you for providing these services. You can also check the CIBIL Score using Fintechs like Paytm, Bankbazaar, Onescore app etc. Some of them provide the Credit Score for free and some take charges. Almost all of these Apps will show accurate CIBIL Score or Equifax Score based on the Credit Bureau which those Apps have subscribed for, generally there won’t be much difference, its just that the methodologies, source of data and partnerships of the Credit Bureaus are different.

Careful while checking CIBIL Score online

Due to a lot of online frauds most users think whether it is safe to check CIBIL Score online, that is the reason why most of the apps and Credit Bureaus uses multiple authentication system, using OTPs, etc. and that is the exact reason why checking the CIBIL Score without mobile number authentication is not practiced by most of the service providers, and it is advisable not to share personal credentials with anyone else.

Most of the users think about calculating their own CIBIL Score, the fact is CIBIL Score once generated could be improved by regular payments of EMIs or Interests or any kind of loans or Credit Card bills, there are other factors that might impact ones Credit Score such as the age of accounts, payments history, credit inquiries, portfolio mix, and Credit utilization, etc.

For checking of CIBIL Score Adhar is not a mandatory document, you will be needing your PAN Card number, mobile number, and email id if you are using any Fintech App.

Most of the users wonder what is a good CIBIL Score and most often they ask questions such as “Is 750 a good CIBIL Score?”

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Ideally a good CIBIL Score is how close you are to 900 but 750 is also a good score but again it depends for what purpose you need the Credit Score for. If you are having a score of 860 then the chances of you getting a loan/credit card is very high with a good interest rate. Most banks have a different interest rate and approval system based on a user’s Credit Score.

            CIBIL Score is not impacted at all by the number of inquiries or if you repay your loan before the tenure. These all are about good Credit Scores.

Now let us assume due to some reasons you had a bad CIBIL Score, in that case, you will be wondering how you can improve your CIBIL Score?

A low CIBIL Score means the user is unable to handle the debt or unable to support his/her lifestyle and might have irresponsible spending habits. Every Credit Score tells a story of the user and a bad CIBIL Score have a lot of factors impacting it. But using the above-mentioned methods and behaviors it is possible for a user to bounce back and improve the Credit Score. Improving Credit Scores will need time and patience. A better plan will help the user to tackle it systematically. Some fake agencies and individuals might try to con you saying they will be able to improve your Credit Score or will be able to provide you with loans, they will take you money as their service charges, be advised that such kinds of things don’t exist. There is only one way via which the Credit Score can be improved, that way is you, your thought process, your planning and your genuine efforts to improve your score.

CIBIL Score Fraud

Also, you might be coming across several Ads now in Social Networks saying get loan even if your CIBIL Score is 400 or 500, most of them are frauds and they take money from users as processing fees and then tell you that your application is rejected. There is nothing of a concept called “Best CIBIL Score repair agency”. You need to be aware of such service providers and ensure you check your CIBIL Score from a trusted Service provider.

There might be cases when a user’s score could be NA or NH, then in this particular case, the user need not worry about it. It means the applicant does not have a Credit Track Record or in other words, the applicant does not have a past credit history to track. The best way for this kind of user is to apply for a secure credit card that is easily available within minutes, then a few transactions and regular repayments will build their credit history.

            In the end, we would conclude that CIBIL Score is a necessity for most of the users but maintaining and managing CIBIL Score is equally important or else it will heavily impact the credit taking or risk-taking abilities of an individual. Good behavior is rewarded by everyone in the system.

What are the major Credit Score Bureaus in India?

CIBIL – Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited is one of the Credit Bureaus out of 4 Credit Bureaus present in India viz CRIF Highmark, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion CIBIL.

Where can I check my CIBIL Score?

CIBIL or TransUnion CIBIL is one of the Credit Bureaus. You can check your Credit Score here for Free.
Click on the given link to check your score – CIBIL Score

Where can I check my CRIF Highmark Credit Score?

CRIF Highmark is one of the Credit Bureaus giving Credit Score.
Click on the given link to check your score – CRIF Highmark Credit Score

Where can I check my Equifax Credit Score

Equifax is one of the Credit Bureaus giving Credit Score.
Click on the given link to check your score – Equifax Credit Score

Where can I check my Experian Credit Score

Experian is one of the Credit Bureaus giving Credit Score.
Click on the given link to check your score – Experian Credit Score

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