How ACKO behaves when there is a claim request?

We have come across a lot of instances where insurance companies have dishonored claims without any proper reasoning. Just because it’s an easy option for them and they know that most of the users don’t have the means and time to file a case.

We have come across a case wherein Acko Technology & Services Private Limited popularly known as ACKO had defrauded one of its consumer without giving any proper clause in spite of the cosumer aksing them multiple times on the grounds and clauses based on which claim was denied. Even the consumer reached out to the Chief Grievance Officer still no response and the ticket was closed.

This is posted in LinkedIn by Siddharth Singh

Its so disappointing to see that a renowned insurance company Acko has turned out to be extremely unethical when it comes to claims settlement. I had purchased an acko extended warranty along with a dishwasher I purchased a couple of years ago. Recently i got it repaired from Bosch Authorised Sevice Providers and provided all the proofs for claim settlement to acko.

The Acko grievance team asked me to provide a written proof from Bosch stating that everything that is replaced is covered under their standard warranty then only they can consider the reimbursement claim. I provided a written confirmation from the Bosch Madhya Pradesh Services head that all the replaced parts are covered under Bosch standard warranty.

Now the grievance team has closed the ticket without my consent stating that they cannot consider the wired harness because it might have been impacted due to any faulty wiring / voltage at my home. Bosch already checked while replacing the parts. I asked Acko to send technicians to confirm it again and accept or reject the claim accordingly. Unfortunately, the grievance team has stopped responding.

Yesterday I escalated the issue to the Chief Grievance Officer at Acko Ms Reena Evans . I have been asking under which clause of acko policy doc my claim is not being considered fully – No response. Again the ticket has been closed without any formal response from the CGO.

This is highly unethical and unprofessional. I would request the linkedin community to opt for Manufacturers warranty rather than such unethical insurance companies which operate with no transparency. Its hard earned money- please dont waste it !

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Acko’s official Reply – I understand your displeasure, Siddharth, and I want to assure you that at ACKO, we always prioritize our customers’ claims with the utmost care and concern. I have personally reviewed your case. Unfortunately, wired harness can’t be covered by the warranty. I understand that my colleague has already discussed this matter with you in detail. If you have any other concerns, please reach out to me. -Kamal

To which Siddharth repliedAcko Support Update: Bosch Head of Support for Mp just confirmed again that wired harness is covered under bosch warranty. Only exemption is if it’s physically damaged by rat bites !!! 

By reading this article you would know how a consumer have to suffer in #India. When it comes to claims, companies just ghost around. ACKO spends heavily on Marketing to acquire users but when it comes to claim settlement, they don’t even give proper reasoning to the consumers.

Urge the Government to aggressively pursue such cases and ensure the consumer is not cheated, like when the companies while selling give the utmost attention and mollycoddle the consumer, same level of seriousness and attention need to be given to the consumer when a claim arises. Also, Government need to make these grievance mechanisms very simple like on the click of a button or may be an App wherein the consumer just need to enter their policy number and all details will be fethced. The consumer will enter their grivance and the policy provider become answerable to the complaints and if claim is rejected then with proper reasoning.

NOTE : We will keep updating this article as and when we have more info. Lets Fintech does not have any connection neither with ACKO nor with the Consumer.

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